2017 Race to Cure Sarcoma Denver

Rocky Flats Downwinders

Rocky Flats Downwinders is honored to join the Race to Cure Sarcoma. Sarcoma is an uncommon group of cancers which arise in the bones, and connective tissue such as fat and muscle. Researchers know that people exposed to high doses of radiation are at a greater risk for developing soft tissue sarcoma. Unfortunately, we have heard from a disproportionately high number of Rocky Flats Downwinders with sarcomas and family who have lost loved ones to sarcomas. Shaunessy McNeely, who runs the Rocky Flats Downwinder support groups lost her own father to cardiacangiosacroma in 2015. Her own story of losing her father barely a year after diagnosis and her dedication to help people impacted by Rocky Flats inspires our Team Rocky Flats Downwinders to join the Race to Cure Sarcoma. Since early on, soft tissue sarcoma rarely causes any symptoms it is important for people, Downwinders specifically, to be aware of their potential increased risk and pay attention to painless lumps or bumps which may be the first symptom. Join Team Rocky Flats Downwinders and help us Race to find a cure for sarcoma!

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